DEP4E Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide


1. Prerequisites

To complete the procedures in this guide the following software systems are required.

2. Installation

Procedure 1. Install DEP4E
  1. Launch Eclipse.

  2. Open the Help menu and select Install New Software… (See: Screenshot Install New Software).

    Screenshot Install New Software
    Figure 1. Screenshot Install New Software

  3. Insert the URL of the DEP4E Update Site (P2 Repository) into the Work with text box and press Enter (See: Screenshot URL).

    Screenshot URL
    Figure 2. Screenshot URL

  4. Click the Select All button to select DEP4E for installation (See: Screenshot Selection).

    Screenshot Selection
    Figure 3. Screenshot Selection

  5. The "Review Page" appears. Click the Next button to continue (See: Screenshot Review).

    Screenshot Review
    Figure 4. Screenshot Review

  6. The "License Page" appears. Click the radio button to select "I accept the terms of the license agreement". Click the Finish button to continue (See: Screenshot License).

    Screenshot License
    Figure 5. Screenshot License

    Eclipse starts to download the packages.

  7. The "Security Warning Dialog" appears. Click the OK button to continue the installation (See: Screenshot Security Warning).

    Screenshot Security Warning
    Figure 6. Screenshot Security Warning

    Eclipse continues the installation.

  8. The "Restart Dialog" appears. Click the Yes button to restart Eclipse (See: Screenshot Restart).

    Screenshot Restart
    Figure 7. Screenshot Restart

    Eclipse restarts. After the restart DEP4E is ready to work.

3. Getting Started

Procedure 2. Create a DocBook 5.0 Project
  1. Open the File menu and select NewProject...(See: Screenshot New Project).

    Screenshot New Project
    Figure 8. Screenshot New Project

  2. The "Wizard Selection Page" appears. Expand the category DocBook and select DocBook 5.0 Project. Click the Next button (See: Screenshot Wizard Selection).

    Screenshot Wizard Selection
    Figure 9. Screenshot Wizard Selection

  3. The "DocBook 5.0 Project Wizard Page" appears. Edit the Project Name and click the Finish button (See: Screenshot DocBook Project Wizard).

    Screenshot DocBook Project Wizard
    Figure 10. Screenshot DocBook Project Wizard

  4. The "Open Perspective Dialog" appears. Click the OK button to open the DocBook Perspective (See: Screenshot Open Perspective).

    Screenshot Open Perspective
    Figure 11. Screenshot Open Perspective

  5. Eclipse opens the DocBook Perspective (See: Screenshot DocBook Perspective).

    Screenshot DocBook Perspective
    Figure 12. Screenshot DocBook Perspective

    The DocBook perspective contains the tools needed to work with DocBook and consists of the following parts.

    • Navigator View

    • Ant View

    • DocBook XML Editor

    • Problems View

    • Console View

    • Outline View

    • Snippets View

Procedure 3. Process a DocBook 5.0 Project
  1. To start the processing of a DocBook 5.0 Project double click on the entry of the projects build file in the Ant View (See: Screenshot Start Ant Build).

    Screenshot Start Ant Build
    Figure 13. Screenshot Start Ant Build

    Eclipse starts the Ant build.

  2. Follow the Ant build in the Console View until it is finished (See: Screenshot Ant Build).

    Screenshot Ant Build
    Figure 14. Screenshot Ant Build

  3. After the Ant build is finished select the project in Navigator View and press F5 . Eclipse refreshes the project and the target directory appears. Expand the target directory and explore the results of the processing (See: Screenshot Build Results).

    Screenshot Build Results
    Figure 15. Screenshot Build Results

  4. Have fun with DocBook!

4. References